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Andy Polon
Genre: Blues,
Andy Vine
Genre: Modern Folk
Genre: Celtic
Anne Gomez
Genre: Traditional Folk, Celtic
Anne Haley
Genre: Country, Modern Folk
Anne Roos
Genre: Celtic
Instruments: Celtic Harp
Annette Neumann
Genre: Country
Annie and Rod Capps
Genre: alt-Folk Americana
Instruments: acoustic, electric & tenor guitars, tenor banjo, ukulele, mandolin
Annie Gallup
Genre: Traditional Folk
Annie Nolan
Genre: Folk/Pop
Ant McNaught
Genre: Folk Rock
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Genre: roots, southern rock
Art Gomperz Band
Genre: Original Americana, bluegrass, swing, folk, rock, country
Art Thieme
Genre: Traditional Folk
Ash Plant
Genre: Celtic, International
Ashleigh Flynn
Genre: Modern Folk, Bluegrass
Genre: Bluegrass
Audrey & Orwell
Genre: Acoustic/Folk
Instruments: Voice, guitar, cello, viola
Austin and Elliott
Genre: Modern Folk
Back Porch Swing Band
Genre: Swing
Genre: Bluegrass, Swing, , Modern Folk
Barry and Holly Tashian
Genre: Americana/folk/bluegrass
Instruments: guitar, bass
Battlefield Band
Beau Borrero
Genre: singer-songwriter
Instruments: guitar, vocals, harp, banjo, washboard, string quartet, barbershop quartet, electric guitar, bass...
Ben Paley and Tab Hunter
Genre: Traditional Folk, Bluegrass, Celtic, International, Old-Time
Ben Willis
Bennett Brier
Genre: Modern Folk, AAA, Austin music
Instruments: Songwriter
Bernie Cunningham
Genre: Bluegrass
Bethany and Rufus
Genre: Roots, Folk, Acoustic, World
Bev Barnett and Greg Newlon
Genre: Blues, Country, Modern Folk

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