David Bethany: True Love

Independent folk-rock lives, breathes, and is making good music — exhibit A,  David Bethany, with a great new album, True Love. David is a “seasoned” Sullivans Island, SC artist who’s done a fair amount of thinking and songwriting just off the continent’s edge, from an island perspective. The result is a thoughtful, mature commentary on love and life, twelve new songs that get very personal; the voice is honest, the words are true. He has an attitude, for sure, but it’s a good attitude.


David’s “previous life” was in rock & roll (Killer Whales), and he’s as comfortable  fronting an electric band with a horn line as he is with an acoustic guitar. He covers the stylistic bases in this collection, a tasty and melodical musical salad with ample dressing.   Excellent players and production by David and Jay Miley, and the horn arrangements and backup vocals are very hip. As Leicester Bangs says, True Love

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