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Red Molly: "Hello Goodbye"

This is cool: Red Molly consists of Laurie MacAllister (bass), Abbie Gardner (dobro, banjo) and Molly Venter (guitar). Abbie wrote "Hello Goodbye" with her father Herb Gardner, a swing jazz and stride pianist and dixieland trombonist who has played with Wynton Marsalis, Roy Eldridge, Henry "Red" Allen, Jimmy Rushing, and Doc Cheatham. Abbie was American Songwriter Magazine's Lyric Contest Grand Prize Winner in 2008. The name Red Molly is taken from a character in the Richard Thompson song "1952 Vincent Black Lightning." Watch Hello Goodbye, not the one you are thinking of.....

Cherokee Red: "Vaya Con Dios"

In the winter of 2011 in the low lying valley of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Charles Davis and Christiana Bartolini discovered that they were both searching for a new music project to pursue. Christiana, the lead singer, brought her laptop and a bag of various hand percussion instruments and Charles, pianist, guitarist & bassist, skillfully utilized those staple instruments. They soon formed a sound varying between “woozy dream pop,” “eerie folk,” and beyond. 

From their self-titled debut album, listen to Cherokee Red's Vaya Con Dios:

New from Emily Hurd: "Any Given Day"

Emily Hurd is a prolific Chicago-based songwriter and pianist. She has a voice that both Rick Kogan of WGN and Richard Milne of WXRT have likened to musical icon Janis Joplin, and simultaneously, reviewers draw parallels to Joni Mitchell. Emily Hurd's style is the embodiment of gusto meets grace; she is known for her ability to embody several realms within the pop singing spectrum, from delicate country lilting to full fledged belting. Here's a track from her new holiday release:

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk, "I Lost Myself

In this single from the upcoming album, Over Land and Sea, Lauren Mann channels her influences, ranging from Carole King to Woodie Guthrie in the vocals, capitalizing on her delicate tenderness as The Odd Folk quietly chime in behind, only to erupt once the chorus begins. Listen, spread the word:

Music Appreciation 101

A collection of essentials for practicing musicians, starting with 20 minutes from Benjamin Zander, "The transformative power of classical music".

NEW! Folk Festival and Folk Radio Show Resource

Two of our most popular areas on the website, the Folk Festival and Folk Radio sections, became hopelessly out-dated over the past 13 years, and we decided to clean house and start over as part of our site upgrade.

We now have a "fresh", all-new, all-improved section awaiting population. We ask all festival producers and folk radio show DJs to please stop in and add your info- with your help we can re-make this valuable resource for our fans all over the world.

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Charlie Law: "The River in Her"

Charlie Law is a folk duo featuring Charlie Law and Jake MT. Brought up in Suffolk, UK, they now shift between there and their new base in London. Have a listen (and free download) to the first single off their forthcoming EP, being released in February:

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