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Whoa you, Turk! Whoa, Bright!" whilst hitting the oxen over their noses along with his goad-stick, and resting at the yoke, he requested, "What yer goin' ter dew with them poles?"
"Sell them," I replied.
"What dew yer wish for 'em?" taking within the top and width of the pile with a calculating eye.
"Fifty cents a hundred," I stated, with a few trepidation.
"Don't wish nothin', dew yer," coming over and deciding on the smallest pole within the pile; "Pooty durned small, been't they? What'll yer take fur the hull lot?"
"Twenty dollars," I said.
"Twenty cash! Whew!" Emitting a whistle that might have performed credits to a locomotive onerous steam. "Why, thar been't more'n a thousan' thar, be thar?"
"Oh certain, i assume there are over 4 thousand."
"Say!" sticking his arms in both breeches pocket and taking me in from head to foot with a accomplished look, "What may possibly yer identify be?"
"Ulmer," I said.
"No? You been't Phil's son, be yer?"
"Yes, sir."
"Yer do not inform me! Wall, by means of gosh! i admire Phil, he is a durned shrewdpermanent 'un. i will inform yer what, i might like ter see him and Jimmie Blaine a settin' up in them gol-durn presidential cheers; why, through gosh, they might jist open the hull durned treasury bildin' an enable all ther gor-ramed gold an' silver position correct out inter the streets, through gosh, they would." Having introduced himself of this panegyric, including an amassed volume of saliva due to the consistent mastication of a big tobacco quid, he back grew to become his recognition to the pile of poles and acknowledged, "How a lot did yer say fur the lot?"
"Twenty dollars."
"Twenty!" Drawing the corners of his mouth down and stroking his chin, then turning to me, "Wall, extra i glance at yer, through gosh, yer do seem like Phil. Wall, i would like purty good ter have them poles, but--," as though a surprising proposal had struck him,--"Don't wish ter alternate fur a horse, dew yer?"
"What form of a horse?"
"Wall, a pooty durned strong 'un. I hain't druve him a lot in recent times, yet he yused ter cross like smoke; he is a leetle outdated yet, will prick up his ears like a colt whilst he is a brain ter."
"Well, I do need a horse, if i will exchange for one," I acknowledged, making an attempt to not express anxiety.
"Say, acquired time ter get on' ter the waggin an cross over to my farm and spot him, take dinner with me? bet, the outdated woman'll have adequate for both."
Being apprehensive, I accredited the invitation, and was once quickly at the means. He pestered me with all types of questions; requested all approximately my kinfolk affairs and advised me all of his and each different family members for miles approximately. ultimately we reached his condominium, a kind of out of date farm homes with a number of previous tumble-down sheds and out-buildings hooked up, close to via an outdated barn that was painted purple, the shingles had rotted and blown off right here and there, so that you may see sunlight from any component inside of. Scattered approximately have been previous wagon bins, peculiar wheels, previous toothless harrows, plows, a wheelbarrow the wrong way up with the wheel long past, a part of an previous harness mendacity throughout it; bits of harness have been putting on pegs within the barn. ducks, turkeys and chickens have been quite a few and clucked approximately as though they have been particularly happy to work out us, and actually, I discounted or expected the appearance of the home from the careless dilapidated visual appeal of each factor round and in regards to the outdated man's farm.
He ultimately unyoked his oxen, dropped the yoke correct the place he took it off and grew to become his livestock into the backyard. "Now then, we will get a chew to consume, and i'm going to exhibit you horses, and durn me if I will not provide you with your selection and an outstanding trade." "Martha-Ann," he known as, "Martha-Ann!"
In a second a bit, brilliant, bustling previous girl got here to the door and shading her eyes together with her apron, referred to as again: "What is it, Dan'l? Did you convey the merlasses, and candl

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