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Aly Tadros: "Sweet on Me"

Spacious, salty and moving. – USAToday.com

This is very cool, but not just because of the great uke playing- it's about the voice, out in the open, not buried in production. As angelic as it is weather beaten, what music NPR Austin calls "delightfully wistful indie folk with tender and earnest roots," Aly Tadros has spent the last decade traveling across Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, and Europe. Banned with her classical and acoustic guitars, ukelele, and vihuela, there's no denying her travels have informed the breadth of her songwriting, noted best for its intimacy, honesty and lyricism.

Don Dixon MP3s

300 Pounds of Joy (Willie Dixon):  fromThe Nu-Look- Don Dixon and the Jump Rabbits /    Listen:     Download

Alone With the Moon: from Note Pad #38 /    Listen:      / Download

Oh Cheap Chatter: from E-E-E /    Listen:     / Download

Heart In a Box: from Chi-town Budget Show /    Listen:     / Download

Girls L.T.D: from Most of the Girls Like to Dance /    Listen:     / Download

Hanging My Laundry (with Marti Jones) /   Listen:     Download 

Every Day Will Be Like a Holiday /   Listen:     Download

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Marti Jones MP3s

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Always- from my Tidy Doily Dream  /    Listen:     /  Download

Celebrity in Exile- from my Tidy Doilly Dream
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Show and Tell- from Unsophisticated Time  /    Listen:     /  Download

Follow You All Over The World- from Live at Spirit Square  /    Listen:     /  Download

Lucky Stars- from Lucky Stars: new lullabies for old souls (with Don Dixon)  /   Listen:     /  Download

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Why Do You Love Me- from Give Us a Break  /     Listen:     /  Download

Me no Know- from Lively  /     Listen:   Download

What's Done is Done- from
Lively  /     Listen:   Download

We Live To Play- from Prolepsis /     Listen:   Download

Nothing To Fear- from The 5'11" Record  /     Listen:   Download

Praying Mantis- from The 5'11" Record  /     Listen:   Download

I'm Not Your Taxi- from Suddenly  /     Listen:   Download

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