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David Holt

Why The Dog Chases the Cat- from Why the Dog Chases the Cat /     Listen:      /  Download

Groundhog and the Hogaphone- from Hairy Man /    Listen:     /  Download

Hattie, The Backstage Bat- from Stellaluna  /    Listen:     /  Download

Spiders in the Hairdo- from Spiders in the Hairdo /    Listen:     /  Download

Tailybone- from Tailybone /   Listen:     /  Download

Doodle Doodle Day- from I Got a Bullfrog  /    Listen:     /  Download

David Holt artist page

Shoofly: Fishball

Fishball / Listen: / Download

The TuTones (Chris Frank, Lynn Davis, Jack Herrick) have made the first known recording of this civil war era song, reportedly one of the first popular American sing-a-longs.

Shoofly Artist Page

Joe Thompson

The Life of a Pirate from Every Kind of Magic  / Listen:   Download

Circle of Friends from Every Kind of Magic  / Listen:   Download

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