C.R. Ecker
C.R. Ecker


C.R. Ecker
Roots/Folk Rock
Los Angeles

C.R. Ecker is a composer, producer, publisher and leader of The C.R. Ecker Band.  The song presented to listeners of efolkMusic at no charge, "Someday Soon," was, in reality, a good indicator in the mid-80s of the rising concern over AIDS and brings forth an emotional charge reminiscent of CSN.  Unfortunately, much of what the song covers is still in the shadows today.  After this song was produced, Ecker moved away from folk/rock into country and this selection, for this reason, is not part of The C.R. Ecker Band collection available on all major music downloaders.

The most pertinent song from the new band album is "Bushwacked (Bewilidered, Beat-up Bad and Broke.)  The song, written 20 years ago but never made public until the digital music age allowed for its release, is a simple, straight forward lament on financial struggles facing America.  And its apolitical message just gets stronger and stronger each day with no finger pointing, but plenty of woe. In fact, "Bushwacked Song," for short, has been selected by the folks at www.99ers.net to appear on that website, which deals with issues facing those Americans whose 99 week unemployment benefits have expired.

Finally, the band has released separately  "Dixie Lee," what is one of only a handful of mainstream country songs assigned a 'Parental Advisory' label because of its recounting of lust and violence as the result of a (fictional) love triangle tragedy from mid-20th Century Texas.  (And the name is not based on any person living or deceased, we should add.)

 "Someday Soon"  was never, after all these years, intended to make a profit for the artist, and is offered free on downloard courtesy of efolkMusic. However, all others mentioned above can be purchased by searching for The C.R. Ecker Band through all the major music download services.  A portion of the proceeds for the music from the "Bushwacked (Bewildered, Beat-up Bad and Broke)" album go to The Wounded Warrior Project and D.E.L.T.A. Animal Rescue no-kill shelter north of Los Angeles.


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